Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trying Something New

Okay, so I know I haven't been doing this whole blog thing really well but a friend of mine actually started one, which reminded me I even had one. Lame, right? But anyway, life has been chaotic (when is it not?) and yet I've still tried to squeeze some writing in, even if it is only ten words at a time. The inspiration for my new novel comes from reading Nicholas Sparks' "The Longest Ride" and my recent trip to South Dakota, which fanned the embers into flames. I had been going mute but while in SD, all sorts of ideas were coming to me. Let me introduce to you my new novel-in-progress, "The Pleasure of Serendipity" (title likely to change).

Rhys Pembroke never understood women. They always wanted the same thing: a good looking man who would treat them right. He was both of those things yet they continued to shy away from him. But, when his father gets too sick to work on the farm, Rhys immediately steps up and lends a helping hand, putting finding a suitable woman to live his life with on the back burner. As his father's health deteriorates, Rhys is left to manage the entire farm as well as attempt to console his grieving mother. When it becomes too much, he's forced to ask for help.

Maisy Connors swore off men after her last encounter nearly drove her to suicide. She had fallen too hard too quickly and he had left her like the previous week's Sunday morning paper. They had everything planned down to the wedding date when he got cold feet and fled across the country. When Maisy sees the Help Wanted ad in assisting taking care of an elderly woman grieving, she sees the perfect opportunity. She believes the woman's grief will distract her from her own. 

Upon seeing Rhys, feelings stir within Maisy she herself can't believe still exist. Could this sweet, loving, funny guy convince her not all men are the same? Will she be able to find it in herself to love another even though her heart is still shattered? Then again, the past never stays in the past, does it?

Keep in mind, I'm only 13,000 words in, so it may be a while. No need to get excited. It's a romance book, in case you didn't catch that while reading the synopsis, and it gets kind of heated, in all the good ways. I used to have it up on a site called Figment, but I decided I no longer wanted juvenile reviews of "Wow, it's really good! Keep writing!" or "I like it. :)" anymore. I want legit reviewers when the time is right, not as I'm writing the story. Negative feedback tends to make me quit and I don't intend to stop writing this one, so it isn't getting reviewed until finished to my liking.

Until next time,