Unpredictable Prophecies (World's End #1)

Fallen angel? Try risen demon.
     Acadia Mills has been sent to perform very serious tasks. Part of the prophecy that predicts the end of the world, Acadia must figure out how to make it less severe of an outcome. When the only person who can tell her how to do that is mysteriously murdered, Acadia must work with the compelling angel, Micah, whose team is also trying to figure it out.
     Torn between following her guardian's orders and doing what is right, Acadia finds herself reliving her human life, where she makes a startling discovery. When everything falls to pieces, can Acadia save the one she loves to find the one she is destined for?

Photo (C) Raquel Neira (Actual cover)


Unimaginable Prospects (World's End Novella)

Micah, Angel of Divine Plan, has had a vision about the end of the world. He now seeks out the woman who he saw, in hopes of doing something that will put an end to what the Fate's have claimed. However, upon meeting her, Micah realizes things aren't going to be as easy as he first thought.


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