Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ah... To Forget

I find myself constantly forgetting to log onto my computer so I can write a post. But then. when I am on the computer, I only do a few things, particularly adding my handwritten things to the typed manuscript of my newest novel-in-progress, The Magpie's Daughter. I haven't been writing any blog posts because, honestly, there's no one following me adamantly anyway. I have viewers, sure, and my thanks to all of you, of course, but I guess it's just hard to keep up with something when I know no one's actually excitedly waiting for my next post.

Anyway, I feel like I should explain myself a little better. My books come first, above all else, on the computer. When I'm not in reach of the computer, I happily type my stories into my Werdsmith app on my phone or write it down by hand in a notebook. Sometimes, I upload a piece into Figment, online, so I can get reviews or suggestions on what I should change to make the story better. In fact, I recently had my own idea on how to better remember my story and my characters: Draw a map. So, I did. And truthfully, I felt like I was transported back into middle school geography class, but it got done what it needed.


The small country of Fontanei (fawn-ta-neigh)! Separated into eight sects, but centralizing in Maldivia and Pigona, with additions of Garbonia and Bridgeland characters. I hope to one day have a few books in the same world, different characters. Not exactly sure how that's going to pan out right now, but a girl can dream. I don't have a synopsis for the book yet, and honestly I have no idea how even to describe it. "A girl on a mission to find her family" sounds boring, but that's the basis of the story. But it isn't just told through Emmalyn's POV. Ceylon, Madeliene, Mathilda, and even Henry will have their thoughts brought to life. Sometimes I wonder if I should do like George R.R. Martin and have each character have their own chapter, but then the chapters would be rather small, as Emmalyn, Ceylon, and Madeliene are the main quest trio.

But now I have no idea what to say. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment. I'd be happy to oblige your curiosity. 

Until I feel the need to blog again.