Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Attempt at a Book Review

Okay, so I have finally finished Tara Fuller's "Inbetween" and it was fantastic! Seriously, if you love young adult romance and everything supernatural, this is your book! One of the main characters, Finn, is a reaper (eep!), meaning he deals with dead people, but he made a mistake and now has to face the consequences. Emma, the other main character and the girl Finn loves, just wants to move on with her life and try to get over her father's death, the whole time feeling something protecting her.

I love the action and suspense in the novel revolving around the two, but I especially relish Finn's POV. It definitely added to the story and left me understanding it, where if it was just Emma's POV I would probably be confused about everything concerning Finn.

The descriptions, as well, are spectacular! They drew me in from the beginning and I felt like I was almost watching a movie, visualizing everything wonderfully! I loved the dialogue between the reapers Easton, Anaya, and Finn, and I loved Cash and Emma. Best friends, all of them, like none other, and it's honestly so touching. I found myself feeling their emotions as if they were my own.

But of course, there's always that one person who wants to ruin the perfect the ending. That's where Maeve steps in. And she did a beautiful job of being the villain. With all the right reasons, and the motive for revenge, she played her part perfectly and I almost felt bad for her near the end. I knew something was bound to happen anyway, but I think I'm going to miss her presence in the upcoming books.

Balthazar also was a wonderfully written character. Fatherly, but keeping to his duties as well. I felt like he really cared about his reapers but he knew he had to keep them all on a tight leash to ensure his boss status.

If you all want to check it out, you seriously should! You will not regret it!

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  1. Well, for the first review, I must say it's great! :) :) I really want to read Inbetween! :) Everyone says it's amazing! And your review confirmed it as well! ;)