Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Newest Idea--With First Look (!)

I've had this cover made for the longest time, having been completely bored one night and stumbling upon the perfect picture. I do not yet know where I want to go with this, but I am hoping to make it kind of a 'Snow White' meets 'Red Riding Hood' meets 'Beauty and the Beast' type of story. I'm not completely sure yet. It's called Rose White, and it will have shape-shifters within. Anyway, here's a special peek to the beginning:

Photo copyright Benedict Gacutan


There comes a time when we all must accept reality. In fact, it only happens to the majority of us. Some of us still believe in the unbelievable, the myths that are formed within this world. Those people are the ones who hope to find their Edward Cullen, or Patch, or maybe even Peter Pan. Hell if I know. Either way, none of those hopers would take my life. Even though he is a werewolf, my “beau” is not what all of those other authors make them out to be.
His name? Coswald Fitzgerald.
That’s right. Coswald.
Sometimes, even when we get that “faery tale ending,” we wish everything would just be normal. Human. Natural. But there is nothing natural about this story even when appearances are as such in the beginning.
Which is why not everything can be judged by how it starts, but rather how it is to end.

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