Saturday, August 22, 2015

|Cover Reveal| "Formal Secrets"

Okay, so I finally renamed my Fontanei WIP, formerly known as THE MAGPIE'S DAUGHTER, and I have the gorgeous cover set up, too! Ta-da!


Emmalyn LeFae, an independent woman with no interest in getting married, is forced to go to a betrothal ball when her mother decides it's time she's wed. She meets a man, Ceylon, with the same views as her own, and they become fast friends. When her mother presses her to marry Ceylon, the truth comes out.

On a mission to find her real parents, she heads across the country to look for clues, Ceylon and his sister Madeliene with her the whole way. They soon get enough information for Emmalyn to end her search, but will being a part of a family be as good as she hopes?

With unsolved mysteries and a shocking turn of events, will Emmalyn finally be able to have the family she has dreamed of her whole life?

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