Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Day

Hey, everybody, or anybody, I'm finally trying out this thing called blogging. Most of the people who know me would ask, "What? Kai? No, she's not a blogger!" But I'm trying to promote my book since my publisher isn't doing it.

Anyway, once I get in the swing of things, I'll probably have a whole schedule going on, like "Teaser Tuesday" or "Movie Monday" or whatever. I don't know yet.

Uh, a little about me. I'm a new author. I have one book published, by the name "Unpredictable Prophecies." It's the first in a trilogy, plus a novella. I'm currently working on three books--Hunter's Moon, Death Watchers, and A Pixie's Chance. However, the one I'm mainly working on is Death Watchers, and it's almost done. Then, I will work on Unexpected Happenings (Unpredictable Prophecies book 2) and finish up Hunter's Moon, since that is already about halfway finished.

I'm young for an author, but the people who have read my writing say I have great potential (No, not all of them were family members. I have fans on a site called Figment, where you can post your stories and get critiques and such). I work best at night. That seems to be the only time the creative juices are flowing, although sometimes I work in the morning, too. (Does nearly noon even count as morning?)

Maybe, once I get a hang of this, I'll even post over POV's from my stories, depending on how much people like that kind of thing. I don't know.

Well, enough about me for the time being. I'll be posting later.

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