Monday, July 23, 2012

Manuscript = Done

Hey, y'all. Just finished writing Death Watchers. If you want to check it out (really, it's only half) go to I'm hoping reviews and comments will help it get through so it can be in print. Plus, I'm sorry (not I'm not) to say there will be a second one. Yay! I left it off at a cliff-hanger, so if you do read it, you're going to be mad at the ending.

Anyway, now I've started writing A Pixie's Chance more. So, hopefully this will the single book of the ones I write. (Or, maybe I was never meant to write single books. We'll see.)

Oh! And all of you should go to the YA Sisterhood and vote for Daimon Black in the Crush Tourney! Seriously! He's super awesome, and super sexy! Haha  :)

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