Friday, July 12, 2013

Argh! It be Captain Slackeye, ye Land Lubbers!

In case you want to know Captain Slackeye a little better, here's what some fellas are sayin' about him. (Most of these Rivera doesn't agree with.) [I've started a new book called Rivera Windslayer, about a female pirate, and Slackeye is the assistant main character.]

"During a storm, I saw Slackeye man the whole ship by heself. He ran from the wheel to the sails, pulling each one of the strings all on his own. It was a feat of muscle and determination. When the men asked him if he’d like help, he denied them all, insisting he could do it hi’self. And he did! He navigated that ship outa the troubled waters and settled it back by mornin’. I ain’t never seen anything like it since!”
~Davis Bocker,
crew member of the Penguin’s Revenge


“Captain Slackeye of the Mother’s Burden, you say? Yeah, I heard of that rogue. Did ye hear he once fought off a pack of rabid sea turtles with only a stone and his left hand? I shoulda liked to see that fer meself, I tell ye what.”
~Lawrence Shaver,
Gossiper of Bullhead Tavern


The last time I heard that was so many years ago. He’s about as crazy as his old man, that one. Slackeye. ‘Tis a good name fer such a young’un. I hear he saw the Kraken comin’ toward his ship and just an evil stink eye look from the lad sent that giant fish swimmin’ away in terror. Could ye imagine that? The boy scared a Kraken!”
~Alabastor Finch,
A hatter 

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